What to Bring

  • Any relevant forms the you may still have for the Day Surgery.
  • Any recent x-rays, scans or test results.
  • All medications you are currently taking in their original box or bottle.
  • Medicare Card and payment for prescriptions, however, leave all other valuables and jewellery at home.
  • Veteran’s Affairs patients must provide the Hospital with their Gold Card number and bring the card at time of admission.
  • Your health fund card will only be required if you have not supplied your fund details.

What to Expect

On arrival our friendly reception staff will finalise your account and admission details.

You will be taken to the VIP room (Very Important Patient!) where you can relax and a nurse will conduct your nursing admission.

Following admission, your Anaesthetist will review you and will ask about your medical history and explain the anaesthetic.

From admission you will be accompanied to the operating theatre for your procedure.

Following your procedure you will be transported to our Recovery Room where your progress will be closely monitored. You will be discharged when the nurses feel the discharge criteria are met.

Your privacy and confidentiality is maintained and respected at all times.

Waiting Period on Day of Surgery

Although every attempt is made to ensure the waiting period before your operation is not unduly long it is often not possible to schedule operations for a specific time or to follow a specific schedule.

Each Procedure varies from patient to patient, some require longer periods in theatre than others. The order of the list may also be altered, so that you may be called to theatre earlier or later than you expected.


JSDS provides light refreshments post operatively. Please advise the staff at JSDS prior to admission if you have any special requirements or food allergies.


Outgoing calls may be made either from reception or from your own mobile phone in the recovery area. Alternatively, you may ask the nurse on duty to contact a friend or relative for you if required. Should relatives need to contact the nurses or staff at JSDS please ring 02 8999 1211.