Jamison Street Day Surgery (JSDS) aims to maintain the highest level of safety and quality in providing care to our patients in a patient centred, caring, safe and supporting environment. Our safety and quality performance outcomes are measured, monitored and reviewed. Results are reported to the Medical Advisory Committee to unsure the safest possible care is provided to our patients.

July to September 2023


Antimicrobials are medicines used to treat and prevent infections.

In September 2023 eight patients that were audited were appropriately prescribed antimicrobials prior to their surgery in accordance with our policy.

Hand Hygiene

JSDS regularly assesses how often staff and doctors wash their hands. Two qualified hand hygiene auditors are on staff performing ongoing monitoring of hand hygiene principals.

June 2023 results.

Jamison Street Day Surgery (total moments 103)


National (total moments 203,573)


Patient Satisfaction Survey Results

Patients rated overall care and service as 100%

100% of patients would recommend JSDS to family and friends